Saturday, October 18, 2008

Binge Eating

Okay, so I always thought that binge eating was something obese people did only. Maybe that's what you think too? Or maybe you realize that binge eating is actually something lots of people do. What I really didn't know is that extremely healthy people, who are incredibly weight conscience, who work out hard, who train hard actually suffer from the mental anguish of binge eating. Who knew? Bodybuilders!!! They are so in tune with their physical being, they track all their calories, they work out hard and yet, here they struggle with the same issues I see on 3FC all the time. The similarities are amazing. Maybe it's possible that we can't beat this, that these cravings are normal not abnormal and that the less often we do them, the better off we are.

I always thought I had a disorder - something wrong with me specifically. Something I shared with a portion of the other 3FC people I've gotten to know. Mainly people who are in the same position as me, who need to lose upwards of 100Lbs.

Maybe this is not big news to you. But it IS to me. It makes me realize that not only am I not the only one (I knew that from meeting other obese people), but that is a problem for a HUGE spectrum of people - the obese, bodybuilders, "normal people" who just seem to get a handle of it before they gain too much, bulimics etc.

So you are probably wondering why I surf the bodybuilding sites. Currently I have no interest in bodybuilding, however --a lady at my gym just placed Nationally and so I was looking at her photos, which led me to a site which talked about training for bodybuilding and then eating. It's very inspiring to know there are people out there passionate about their bodies.


spunkysuzi said...

I have had a binge eating disorder for as long as i can remember. It isn't as bad now as it used to be, but it's still there. In fact it happened for the first time in a long time last night!! And i have only 11 lbs left to get to goal. So you can get healthier even if you do have an occasional binge.

Lyn said...

Yeah, I think the difference is that "normal weight" people probably have it happen less often and they compensate by cutting back to be sure they don't gain weight. For me, the binge was an all day affair, every day, for weeks. And I was not moving either.

Interesting observation about the bodybuilders, thank you.

HollyALP said...

I can also relate to your post! I was talking to one of my closest friends and telling her that right when I think I finally have eating figured out, I go off the deep end and eat my way back out. I eventually get things back under control but for a second it does feel like I lost it. She calls it moderation, I call it an issue. I think the only reason that she distinguishes me from a binge eater is because I'm almost at goal, but I don't think a healthy bmi is immunity against binge eating. Anyway, thank you for your post!

Anonymous said...

Now that I have made a decision to change my eating habits permanently, I am starting to recognize that I am a binge eater. I can never eat just one cookie, or anything sweet, for that matter. But I am glad I know this now, and can recognize when I am doing it, or hopefully try to stop it from happening. Thanks for the post.

Lyn said...

Hey, I havent seen you in FOREVER. I know you were stressed about the new job... you doing okay? Come back to 3fc or here... miss you!!

Mindfull said...

Hi there,
Just wondered how it's going. I saw a post you left on another forum and as a fellow Sureslim participant, I'm wondering how you managed once 'graduated'.