Friday, October 3, 2008

I am a machine

At the gym that is!!!! Okay, so I feel great. I'm sore but I am loving the gym. Today I totally got the "runners high". I played a little game with myself which involves me spinning on a bike leaning over my arms and staying there until 1bead of sweat finally comes down. That's with the tension on wayyyyyy high. God I LOVE it. Please, I need the gym. It's super obvious.

Eating wise I am still eating stuff that is detrimental to weight loss. I need to combine my love of exercise with eating right, or else lots of that time is wasted. It's not ALL wasted. I get that. I am getting stronger, faster, more fit, even though I am not losing pounds quickly.

I need to hyper focus on those calories. I need to get back on fitday and really, really track what I am eating.

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