Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nightime Snacking

It's no surprise to me that I have been sick so many times since starting this journey. I've done this before and I get sick right away. And then I fall off the wagon. This time I am digging my nails into the wagon trying to hold on for dear life.

Since starting just a mere three weeks ago I've had:
  • strep throat
  • a cold
  • a major stomach virus (yes, a few days ago!)
  • and my asthma is getting worse (not better)

And since starting this journey I have

  • consistently gone to the gym even when I've been feeling not-so-great (as in sniffly, nauseous, light headed, with a pounding headache, with a caffeine withdrawal headache...) I am proud that I am still sticking to my plan and getting it done at the gym.
I am not proud of the fact that I have been slipping in the food department. I seem to be snacking more at night, and it's "okay" in my mind, or justified. It's NOT! I think it started with wanted soup with crackers when I was sick, which is comfort food and moved to - you can eat one cookie, to eating a whole bowl of popcorn, to eating (my favorite) two tortillas fried with chocolate chips and coated in sugar - which I ate tonight. Which is so wrong. Especially while watching the biggest loser. DOH! I totally ate the calories I know I burned at the gym this AM. I was there for 2 full hours, busting my chops, for what? It seems like when I workout in the morning I feel great, and lunch -no chance I would cheat, I've worked so hard, but by evening, it's like I forgot how hard I worked and the motivation is gone. I think I might actually need to workout at night. Just so I don't snack. That just doesn't sound reasonable. I can't possibly workout in the morning and in the evening. But maybe that's what I've got to do to keep my hands out of the pantry.


carla said...

interesting thought....could you do a sloweasy workout at night?

even ten minutes of walking to REMIND YOU why youre working so hard so you dont snack?

the nighttime is STILL my struggle time and the 'keep yer hands busy so you dont eat' doesnt work :)

I just save 200 calories or so of good food (nuts and cheese...even a glass of wine and ONE square of chocolate) so that it fits in with my meal plan.

just a thought...


new*me said...

I agree with Miz. Maybe a short walk around the block? To handle the munchies at night, I make myself a big mug with tea and milk and some slices of fruit..........

an apple fills the gap quick and gives you the crunch!