Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I went to the gym yesterday, and I feel great today. Alive and powerful. Last night, I was in so much lactic acid pain though. My legs were just burning. It was terrible. Managed to watch House and Biggest Loser last night which was great. I miss both those shows.

Today's plan is to get some cardio in at home. Tonight I have to go check out a used van with DH, so the gym is out (unless I am really motivated) so I want to get some exercise in during the day.

I'm eating chicken salad, drinking water, staying "on plan" and generally feel like I am in the groove again. It feels good to be making myself a priority. Okay, so the dishes and laundry are piled up, and that is making me feel miserable, but...(what is more important?)


new*me said...

A posted today about taking care of your "real" house first, not the house of bricks. It's a quote from Leslie Sansone :) Take care of yourself first and you will feel motivated to tackle the rest ;)

carla said...

you you you are way more important than the dishes :)

and you are such a great role model for your kids (that's in case you needed reminding :))