Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love to exercise!

Well, another great day at the gym. Loved it. I'd forgotten how much I love to exercise. I really do. I'm one of those strange people who love it. I LOVE IT. I don't know if it's just the freedom of going without having kids, or just having the time, or what, but I love to workout. I think I've always liked it. I was really active as a kid and teenager, and really my problems began in University. I was less active, stressed about grades, and just not getting involved physically. Then a long term relationship which I think created lots of food issues, including binging. I don't remember doing that when I was younger. Or if I did, I guess I just burned off the calories from being busy all the time.

My eating has been good. It's been better. I can't quite give myself a gold star. Last night while looking at a used van to replace our dying van, DH and I stopped at a convenience store. At first I didn't want to go it. Then I did. I knew that if I did, I would eat something bad. I tried to get water. Then he got popcorn twists. Then I got junior mints. ARGH! Oh well. Could have been lots worse. I still got the water for the drive. Ate the mints and the twists. I should know better. I'm still down a pound today, and that feels good, but imagine what it could have been if I could have had better restraint!!!

Today is today. I've eaten well, and not off plan. I plan on really trying hard to stick with it tonight. TEA<>

The only thing I don't love about working out, is that I'm hungrier. I just don't know how to curb that.


new*me said...

being hungrier is okay! Just make sure you get in that protein, fiber and lots of water. I love to exercise too and for me it does have something to do with it being "me" time......kid stress is gone for that hour ;)

SeaShore said...

Good for you for loving exercise. I'm still looking for an activity that I will love.

It's hard to resist the call of the treats! The little kid in me chirps "I wanna bag of chips!" if I'm on the road and zip into a gas station just to use the washroom.