Saturday, September 20, 2008

To the gym AGAIN !! WHOO

Okay, so I've been to the gym yesterday and today. I'm going to take tomorrow "off"...I think I might still try for 20-30 min on the treadmill, but nothing strenuous.

As you probably know, I'm new to this gym. The lady who was there when I signed up was great - happy, knowledgeable, wanted to help. It was really nice. She showed me a little circuit just to get me started - shoulders, back, chest, tricep and bicep and some squats with a ball. It was just what I needed. I saw her a few more times. Then yesterday another lady was there, and she just didn't seem friendly. But that's okay, I'm not there to make friends, just workout, but I missed the other lady. Then today I walk in and it's a man. Now he barely says hi, stays at the desk on the computer the entire time (the other ladies cleaned, put up new towels to clean the equipment etc...) and then when I left, it was another grunt 'goodbye'. Maybe I'm just being sensitive, but it really pissed me off. I think too he is one of the owners and they are new management. I don't know, but not being personable is not going to make great business. Then of course, the other thing is maybe it's cause I'm FAT. You know, big enough to actually scare people. It's possible? Or maybe he's just an ass. I don't know. Or maybe he had a bad day...that's possible too. Either way, it's obvious while I was working out that I had nothing better to be thinking about. Doh!

Has anyone seen the show "the last 10 pounds bootcamp" (it's a canadian show). In it the personal trainer takes the woman to a screening of what she would look like in 2 yrs, or 5yrs. etc based on how she is currently eating/exercising before the program starts. It's supposed to be a mental picture of what could happen if.... and it's a graphic of her getting fatter and fatter based on her current picture. I've noticed something watching the show. Every time the picture gets bigger on EVERY SINGLE episode (and I've watched lots), they always say "oh my god, that's disgusting". Disgusting is always the word they use. I think that's how lots of people view fat people, or people who are obese (which I am). I officially hate that word.

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new*me said...

I don't feel anyone has the right to call another person disgusting because of how they look. The guy at the gym sounds like a jerk!