Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm hungry now

I can't believe it's been 4 days since I've posted. I guess with strep throat you kinda let things slide. It's true I have been feeling icky, but gradually I've been getting better.

And what does getting better mean? I'm hungry now. After 5 days of eating nothing. And that means cravings. Remember I lost out on my last hooray of eating last weekend? I have been fighting it, and I've been fighting hard. Last night I had two cups of tea instead of grazing. Those darned M&M's I gave to my DH so I wouldn't be tempted. God knows if I visit his office in a week, I could bet money they would still be there. I hate him. (no I don't really....). Lots of things are calling my name. I'm still sitting around at night watching my beloved reality tv, and sucking back tea or water instead of hoards of snacks. There was so much to watch last night on tv. --so you think you can dance (canada) and Canadian Idol, and then America's got talent. It's hard because my TV habbit is going to have to be cut...when else am I going to find time to exercise? I'm already staying up till 11pm or 12am just to keep up.

So today I'm chowing down on tuna with Ryvita crackers, lots of water and some oranges. I went to tim hortons for a coffee, but instead of the Ice cap (large) with bagel and honey crueller, i ordered a large decaf with skim milk. Then I went to the grocery store and bought bananas, ate one. Then I went off and did the rest of my grocery shopping. It's all about options and making different choices. Tonight, we are having chicken salad. An old standby, but one that I love to eat.

I am going to nurture my body with food that is good for me! It's good to be back and in the saddle.



Mrs. Darling said...
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Mrs. Darling said...

I tried to leave my blog as a link and it didnt work. Just wanted to say Im here cheering you on and wishing you the best!

Lyn said...

I am glad you're feeling better! You are definitely making better choices. Hang in there, it does get easier.

SeaShore said...

Good for you for skipping the Ice Cap and honey crueller!! My tough-to-pass up at Timmy's is the sour cream glazed. Yum.