Monday, September 15, 2008

The Biggest Loser Challenge

I've signed up for 3FC's Biggest Loser Challenge (I'm on the blue team!). Last time I was on this challenge I did really well. I plan on going Biggest Loser style in my training and eating. I hope to kick some serious butt!!

Today I am hitting the gym or getting on that treadmill. Eating clean and no snacking, just tea tonight. It's going to be my reality-tv throat warmer. I can't say I'm feeling as wound up as I did last night, but I feel pretty good today.

Wish me luck!


new*me said...

good luck! Sounds like a blast of fun :) I love my green tea in the calming!

Slim Fat Man said...

Good Luck! Last season's winner were really inspirational. One must realize it is their job to lose weight to win in the show. They have no jobs or responsibilities except to work out and lose the weight. What I would like to know is how they manage not to have the flabby skin that is left over after the tremendous weight loss? I have a general idea. I think I will do some investigating. Keep it up, you can do it!