Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Good Day

Here it is: another good day. Yesterday my eating was a bit "off" but certainly not in the realm of binge eating...but definitely overeating. A bit more of this, a little of that...and that added to major calories.

This morning the kids took me out for exercise - they biked, I walked, it felt good. But going with them does not equal the kind of workout I would get from my treadmill. So it was what I call bonus exercise.

So now I just finished 60 minutes of walking with a tad bit of jogging on the treadmill at about 3.0-3.5. Hubby fed the kids and I did it while he was feeding them dinner. I mis-planned my lunch and ended up eating late and did not want to feel obligated to again eat dinner right after such a late lunch. In the past I would force myself to eat again with the family for the sake of eating with the family even though I grazed myself full from 4-5pm. SILLY.

My back is better. No pain so far lately, just the usual aches. My foot pain too has disappeared today, but I am baby-ing it (just in case).

After this post, the kitchen is closed for the night (it's 7:17pm) and the only food I will allow is straight protein (ie. an egg, or some chicken). Nothing else, my tummy does not need it. I ate more than enough at 3:30 (for lunch and dinner combined) and I do not need more food. I don't know if I keep saying that because I want to tell you or because I am telling myself. Either way - I intend to stick with what I've written. Just because.

Okay, off to listen to the rest of Jillian Michaels KFI more stimulating talk radio show. That stuff just keeps me going.

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