Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So lately I've been a bit miffed. I keep seeing 265 etc. in the morning when I weigh myself. It's really bothering me. Tomorrow is my official weigh in day, and I'm not sure if I will be lower than 263. Which is frustrating.

I've been trying hard and getting lots of exercise. Tonight I made popcorn for the kids and had some's too hard to resist. But overall I am doing well and not binge eating. Today has also been my first day of rest. As in no cardio, no walks...I just haven't been feeling very well, a little tired and worn out. Later in the day today, I went for a lie-down and took an advil. A big thundering headache was on it's way, the advil helped, lying down helped and my DH's awesome (but quick) shoulder rubs really helped a lot.

It's 7:30, so I should be food free for the night. I am thirsty, so I'll quench that. Here's hoping for a decent weight in tomorrow!

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Martha said...

I weigh every morning also but had to give myself a mini pep talk every time the scale goes back up. This is a long journey but the destination is really worth it. You're really doing great & I appreciate you're sharing your trials with us so we are not on our journey alone.