Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm in a lot of pain. I woke up this morning and rolled out of bed and was so stiff and sore in my back I literally had to roll out of the bed. It aches to stand, sit, walk, move. This just sucks. My DH got out of bed early with the kids and took them to McD for breakfast (I had no idea)--I just thought he was letting me sleep in because my back was so sore. Unfortunately, he went out and got me a TH ice cap and a bagel with eggs/bacon. I don't know what to say. The real me says eat it, the new me wants to throw it away. Who will prevail? I was determined that I would start eating properly first thing in the morning and this totally threw me off.

The real me ate it. The new me is saying, make the next meal count. So here I am gobbling up the food, sore back, typing at the computer. I am going to try ice/heat, rest and pray this goes away soon. In the meantime, I am thinking of what to make for lunch and dinner that is healthy so that I can get on track.

On a positive note, last night while watching So you think you can dance and Last comic standing, I did lots of ab flexing, and mini-sit-ups (lifting my head) while on the lazyboy. I know, I know, not super athletic or hard work, but imperative to do something as opposed to doing nothing. I'm hoping it does something to alleviate the back pain. The sooner the pain is gone, the sooner I can get on that treadmill and start doing some major weights and ab work. I can't wait. I know that sound funny, but I am ready to let go of the old me.

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