Friday, August 29, 2008

Not doing great

Okay, so yesterday's weigh in was not-good.

weigh in - 267 lbs.

It's friday, I'm stressed, I had a rough day with the kids and I'm feeling it. I'd like to go for a walk tomorrow and get rid of some tension. I'm not liking where I'm at. I'm frustrated with organization, time management, financial organization and stress and just overall a feeling of NOT - in - CONTROL. It's not just my weight. I have no plan, no course of action. I feel drowned in disorganization. I also feel unsupported by my DH in lots of things...his answer seems to be we'll talk later, let's talk tomorrow...let's do this (then not do it). Ugh. I feel like I am talking circles around him and while he listens, there's no action. And I feel like I can't take action without his support. He's a good listener...lots of I agree, and of course, but a NO ACTION type of guy. I'm a thinking, a planner, but I get bogged down by the action as well, since he's not taking any action, I feel like I can't and then I get even more down about it all. Sort of like -if he doesn't fold and put away the laundry, then I won't fold and put it away, then nobody does it and it doesn't get done.

Does anyone out there understand what the heck I'm rambling about??

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SeaShore said...

Yeah, I think I do. I can start to feel so overwhelmed that I don't know where to start and therefore nothing gets done. At those times, I make a rough list, just one that takes 2 minutes to write, then pick something, and then do it. When you start crossing off the things you've done, no matter how small, you start to feel a little less stressed.

I also got into this mind trap where if my husband decided he didn't want to do something (often: not go for a walk because it was raining, or might rain) then I wouldn't do it either. I finally realized that my choices could be independant of his, and I'd just go ahead and do it anyway. Sometimes he'd end up doing it anyway, too. He just needed the push.

I hope you're feeling more in control soon. Take care.