Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bleeding Love

I'm sitting here by the computer singing Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. It's about 2:11pm. DH is out with the kids taking them to the lake to fish. I wish I could be there, but my back is still very sore, and right now I have a heat pad on.

Truthfully, I've had two handfuls of chocolate chips. I know it's not exactly brain food. But enough of that, I am going to stir-fry some zucchini and onions for a snack. Dinner tonight is shepherd's pie and I am going to aim for a small portion and focus on not eating after dinner and drinking tea if necessary. I have to keep reminding myself that I have to take baby-steps and move slowly. I need this back to heal so that I can moving. I can't wait to be more mobile so that I can put this obesity behind me.

I looked up my BMI - it's 43.4 which according to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation is considered Obese Class III - which is the highest class and basically indicates that I am at the highest risk of developing health problems. Which is scary. Wow.

So what's a girl to on 3fc and keep track of what she is eating and get some exercise.
Today I am going to focus again on my abs, drinking water, trying not to overeat and nothing past dinner.

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new*me said...

I love Leona Lewis. Hubby got me her CD back in May and I started doing morning walks listening to it on my discman :) I had to give up the early walks because now he's working nights. I do the walk away the pounds workouts before he goes to sleep. Once the weather cools off, I will start getting out to walk more during the day with the twins. Try working out to's a great beat to move too!