Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dreading tomorrow

I'm dreading tomorrow. I haven't worked as hard as I would have liked, and while earlier in my week I was walking lots, eating veggies, etc...I've fallen off the last few days. DH and I went to see The Dark Knight (which I abhorred) and I couldn't decide between the popcorn, the m&m's, the coke, the big crunch sandwhich (we went there before I had a chance to get any I had all of the above. Shame on me. ) It was piss-poor planning on my part, and a bit of a mental game of "I deserve it" since I haven't been out to a movie for ages. You know what I deserve? A huge derriere. And it's what I've got. It sucks.

I owe it to myself to treat myself better than with food, I feel better when I get on that treadmill and walk or jog and I feel better. So tomorrow, I weigh in, and I know it's not going to look good. Popcorn is full of sodium and fat...oh well. I will weigh in with you to prove that I am not looking away from this, that I am fighting this, and that I can't just pretend this blog does not exist.

I'm going to try to remain positive though: I still did go out for a walk with the kids this morning which makes me feel good. I didn't want to, I wasn't feeling well, but I did it. I dragged my derriere and did it.

See you tomorrow for the weigh-in results.

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new*me said...

so you had a bad day. It happens :) to the best. Put your best foot forward, remember why you are doing this and take control. I hope the weigh in showed some positive results for you despite a bad day.