Saturday, August 16, 2008

Being a Participant

I went to an event today (same one as last year) - let's just say it's a family obligation thing and it made me very sad.

1) it reminded me that last year at this time I was roughly the same weight

2) it reminded me that last year I had pledged that I WOULD LOSE the weight and become "one of them" ie. a person who is athletic, motivated, etc.

3) it makes me sad that another year has gone by with tons of things I am still unable to do physically.

This event is big, lots of people, lots of fit healthy people, going out to exercise for a good cause. I want to be a part of something like that too. I want to get out there and be a PARTICIPANT, not just on the sidelines in my too tight black pants and tight shirt on a smokin' hot day, where none of my acceptable in public clothes are cool enough to be comfortable. I was so hot, so uncomfortable.

I want to participate in my own life. It's another reminder of why this weight needs to be lost for good.


SeaShore said...

You will succeed!

Martha said...

Hang in there. It takes one day at a time and you will be the person you want to be next year. Try to become as healthy as you can and focus on that instead of the weight. You're on the road to success & there will always be some bumps.